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Calligraphy Sculpture on the Corniche


This a calligraphy sculpture created by Sabah Arbilli which is based on a poem by H. E. Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, the founder of Qatar.


A Dhow at the Corniche in Doha


Dhow’s at Anchor in Doha


Qatar’s #1


With the Fanar Mosque in the background.


Calligraphy Sculpture on the Corniche


Taken on the Corniche, the sculpture has a load of calligraphy put together by the artist Sabah Arbilli. There was also some lasers shining from the skyline in the background.


Doha Cityscape at Night


Love this city at night. Beautiful colors reflecting on the water and glowing lights flickering among the buildings.

Beautiful Reflections


It’s not a composition I’d shoot everyday, but the colours of the reflections caught my eye 🙂