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Doha City Skyline



Calligraphy Sculpture on the Corniche


Taken on the Corniche, the sculpture has a load of calligraphy put together by the artist Sabah Arbilli. There was also some lasers shining from the skyline in the background.


Doha Skyline



Doha’s Colourful City


This was taken from the Pearl. So this is pretty much the other side of the city you don’t see too often.


Doha from the Pearl


Doha’s Skyline, the Corniche & a Dhow

the corniche


Took a walk around the Corniche yesterday afternoon as it was quite a beautiful day. Took some creative images from the Corniche and then headed off into the maze of the city. This shot consists of the landscape images, stitched and then created into an HDR.